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"South Coast Computers is an innovative company with vision. They vastly improved our computer system, offering the added value of new functions within a world class product."

Tommy Hilfiger


"We count on South Coast Computers for critical operational and configurational support. Their response time is surprisingly short with predictable and dependable results."

Jonathan Martin


"South Coast Computer's service is both quick and competent. Their technicians are friendly and well trained. When you really need them, they are always there!"

Moshay, Inc.


"Our business has dramatically grown over the past 7 years and South Coast Computers has been a valuable part of our growth. Our systems are up to all industry standards and capable of continued growth, thanks to South Coast Computers."


Gigi Accessories


"South Coast Computers has met every expectation to fuel the growth of our business through their hard work and innovative style. They are a leader in the field and can be relied upon to deliver the best in service and knowledge."

Mephisto Footwear


"In the computer industry, all I.T. administrators view themselves as being special and demanding. At South Coast Computers, they prove it."

Cort Furniture

"We have the utmost respect for South Coast Computers. Employees are responsive and know their business."

Maxine of Hollywood


"South Coast Computers has taken us through the difficult challenge of upgrading to a new computer and operating system. Thank you South Coast Computers for your expertise, your dedication and your understanding of our special needs."

Hill Brothers Chemical Co.


"Our business is very demanding, consequently so are we. South Coast Computers has serviced us with this in mind-being here at anytime of the day or night."

Sweet For Two



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