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Company History

South Coast Computers, Inc. is a full-service IT Outsourcing company that specializes in tailored hardware and software solutions for a wide variety of industries throughout the U.S. and internationally. Based in Southern California, South Coast Computers opened its doors in 1988 with one main objective—providing real-time, workable computer solutions.


Customized computer services provided by South Coast Computers include technical support, training, cabling, Email services, System analysis & design, Microsoft Exchange, LAN/WAN Connectivity, ERP Software, E-Business Solutions, IBM iSeries, Server Solutions, Network Infrastructures, web-based applications and Website design, hosting and maintenance.


With over 70 years of combined experience among key personnel, SCC has written custom software addressing specific needs for hundreds of companies. In addition to installing custom and existing software, South Coast Computers also provides training on software use. At South Coast Computers, the all-in-one provision of services eliminates the need for internal IT assistance and makes the time-consuming process of calling in several different experts for your computer system a thing of the past.


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